MARCH and PROTEST: Stand Up For Human Rights At Home and Abroad


Join us for the 6th Annual AWC-sponsored protest to mark International Human Rights Day



What human rights are we marching for?

  • Iraqis have the right to peace, and sovereign control of their country. Justice for Iraq! U.S. troops out now!
  • Palestinians have the right to return to their homeland and live free from Israeli occupation. Free Palestine! End U.S. military aid to Israel!
  • Colombians have the right to organize for justice without fear of violence or death at the hands of the U.S.-backed Colombian government and paramilitary death squads. End U.S. military aid to Colombia!
  • Immigrants have the right to live and work where they choose, remain with their families, and be free from racist attacks. Justice for immigrants!
  • All human beings have a right to fair wages, health care, housing, and education. No bailouts for billionaires! Money for human needs not war!
  • Protect our right to political dissent. Acquit the RNC 8 and drop charges for all RNC protesters!
  • Voters in the U.S. have a right to real, progressive change. Hold government accountable, keep the pressure on, and stay active in the streets!


    Click here for a PDF of the flyer – help us get the word out!