Press Conference: Citizens Seek to Expose Perpetrators and Help Victims of Real RNC Mayhem

@ the State Capitol, room 125.

Seek to Expose Perpetrators and Help Victims of Real RNC Mayhem

goes out for public help in identifying suspects and survivors of RNC

Paul, MN
— Last week, St. Paul Police Chief John Harrington and
Ramsey County Sheriff Bob Fletcher requested assistance in locating
victims and suspects of RNC-related violence. We, as concerned
citizens, echo their call for public participation in this pursuit of

the RNC, unidentified individuals terrorized hundreds of activists,
journalists, medics, legal observers and bystanders. The
perpetrators of these brutal assaults were heavily armed, masked and
generally dressed in black.

Thursday’s State Capitol press conference, videos and photographs
will be revealed documenting these assaults in hopes of locating the
victims and holding perpetrators accountable. CRASS calls on the
public and the cities of St. Paul and Minneapolis to come forward
with any evidence or information leading to the identification of
individuals involved.

St. Paul
Police Chief John Harrington boasts that his department is in
possession of over 6,000 hours of city surveillance camera footage of
RNC incidents, but the City of St. Paul has refused to release any of
this video in response to requests under the MN Data Practices Act.
This footage is believed to contain crucial evidence of brazen
attacks on citizens. We are asking the city’s cooperation in our
efforts to review this key documentation.

else who was assaulted or mistreated during the RNC is asked to come
forward on Thursday at 12:30 in Rm. 125 of the State Capitol. CRASS
is dedicated to helping survivors of RNC-related violence navigate
the legal system in pursuit of justice.

Sponsored by: Community RNC Arrestee Support Structure (CRASS)