The Politicians’ Misplaced Priorities

Politicians’ Misplaced Priorities
$1.6 billion in military
aid to Colombia could be spent in ways to aid our communities instead

week, the US Senate passed a bill giving almost $1.6 billion to the Colombian
military, which has the worst human rights record in the hemisphere. The money is supposedly to fight the drug
war, but really will be used by the military to fight a counterinsurgency war
against leftist guerrillas and to repress the Colombian people.

That’s a whole lot of money, for a
terrible cause. Think of what could be
done with that money to confront some of the most pressing problems here. Where
would you rather your tax dollars go? To the Colombian military—the worst human
rights abuser in the Hemisphere—or to provide real services to our
communities? Here are some examples of
the many programs that could be funded with such money.

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