Rally at the Opening Day at the State Legislature | No Bailouts for Billionaires! Bail Out the Poor and Working People, Not the Billionaires!

Tax the rich – Not one dime in cuts to the poor!

Welfare Rights Committee – Opening Day 2009 Flier

Obama is in, but we can’t let Minnesota politicians off the hook. We need help NOW, and we will demand that the state

do the right thing for the majority of the people. Our schools, healthcare, welfare, child- care are in trouble, decent jobs are hard to find and layoffs are happening everywhere. Working and poor people are losing their homes. Now we see the GOV’T bailing out the richest of the rich, while saying nothing about what our families need for basic SURVIVAL!

Minnesota is facing a 5.2 billion dollar deficit.  Already politicians are plotting to balance this deficit on the backs of poor and working Minnesotans.  The Welfare Rights Committee and the MN Coalition for a People’s Bailout are working on our own bailout bill for poor and working people.  We will fight for MN legislators at the state capitol to make our bill become a law.  We demand:

  • a moratorium on the welfare time limit
  • a moratorium on home foreclosures
  • a moratorium on evictions
  • an extension of unemployment insurance
  • job creation with decent wages and no layoffs
  • and an end to attacks on immigrants.

Please join us!

Organized by the Welfare Rights Committee and the MN Coalition for a People’s Bailout.  Endorsed by the Anti-War Committee. For more info:  612.822.8020

Welfare Rights Committee – Opening Day 2009 Flier