Support the Anti-War Committee!

Dear supporters,

you for your support this past year. It was definitely a busy year with
the RNC protest! This winter we hope you were able to join us at one of
the events this December, our 6th Annual Human Rights Day Protest or
the Bail Out the AWC party.  We greatly appreciate all your support –
and we had a great time! If you were unable to attend (or if you just
can’t stop giving!), we hope you will find another way to contribute to
the Anti-War Committee. After considering our suggestions on that
front, please plan to participate in the events listed at the end of
this message.

This fall marks the seven-year anniversary of
the “War on Terror” and five and a half years of the occupation in
Iraq. This war has devastated Iraq and Afghanistan (as this letter is
being sent out more Minnesota National Guard troops are being deployed
to Afghanistan),  the occupation of Palestine, and civil war in

year the war at home has taken center stage. At
the RNC protests this year the police repression was unprecedented. At
the Anti-War Committee protest on day 4 of the RNC mass arrests
occurred, half of the almost 800 arrests for the week. We are still
waiting to hear what the charges will be.

It’s hard to ignore the economic crisis and worsening recession,
yet the administration continues to spend billions on the war and
occupation in Iraq. Hundreds of billions of our tax dollars have been
spent bailing out Wall Street and yet they can find none when it is
needed to save real jobs. The money continues to be diverted from
social spending and real economic relief to pay bail out billionaires
and war-mongering abroad.

Organizations like
the Anti-War Committee have been on the front lines in resisting this
war. Tens of thousands of Minnesotan voices have joined those of
millions around the world in calling for an end to the occupation of
Iraq, and a withdrawal from the other fronts in the war on terror.
While we expect that the road to peace is a long one, there is reason
to be hopeful. The US and its allies have failed to defeat the popular
resistance in Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine, and Colombia; every time we
march for peace, we also demand justice for the people of the world.
Please lend your financial support our continuing efforts.

Keep it simple, donate today. To donate on-line click here. Or mail your check to us at 1313 5th St SE, Minneapolis, MN 55414. If you need your donation to be tax
deductible, please make your checks out to “Anti-War Committee
Education Fund” or include a note about this with your on-line

Become a Sustaining Member of the AWC. By becoming a sustaining member of the Anti-War Committee we can count on your donations to fund our on-going work.  We can now
accept donations either by credit card or automatic withdrawal of funds from
your checking or savings account. You can cancel on-going
donations at any time. Just
fill out the attached form and send
it to:
Anti-War Committe, 1313
5th Street SE,
Minneapolis, MN 55414. Your
donation will be deducted on the “effective date of authorization” you choose,
or as soon thereafter as it can be processed.
Feel free
to call us at 612-379-3899 if you are interested, but have concerns or
Please staple voided check over credit card
section if using checking account.

Give at work through the Community Fund Drive. Many workplaces sponsor charitable giving campaigns, like the U of M’s
Community Fund Drive. You may participate in these out of convenience
(one-time or recurring donations can be deducted directly from your
paycheck), or in order to support the positive community efforts of
your employer. You can donate to us through the Community Solutions Fund.
At this time we are not on the standard list of participating
organizations, simply write-in “Anti-War Committee Education Fund” as
the designated agency, and specify the “Community Solutions Fund” as
the charitable federation. We gladly receive donations from anonymous
donors, but please choose to be an acknowledged donor, so we can thank
you, and keep you informed of our future activities.

you for your years of financial support. It is essential to continuing
our work. Even more important are your contributions of time. Please
plan to attend the events below, and volunteer if and when you can.

Your friends at the Anti-War Committee.

P.S. Ten years ago the Anti-War
Committee was formed. Please look for coming information on a 10-year
anniversary celebration at 7PM on January 31, 2009 at the Waite House in