Court Solidarity: Support the "Recruiter 7" arrested at a 5-year anniversary protest against the Iraq war

Previously: 9AM on Monday 1/12 and 9:30AM on Tuesday 1/13

We finished all our testimony and closed the case on Tuesday. Wednesday we will be waiting for a verdict from the jury. We’d be glad to have you with us when we get the news. Odds are that it will be in the morning, but we have no idea when.

On March 27, 2008, the Anti-War Committee marked the five-year anniversary of the war and the occupation of Iraq, with a protest at an Army National Guard recruiting office in Minneapolis. Many of national guard troops have been sent to fight, and sometimes die, in Iraq, including those from Minnesota.

Military recruitment of our sons and daughters fuels the war in Iraq, risking their lives as well as the Iraqi people. Our young people should not have to join the military to fund their educations or out of economic need. These are the issues we brought to light with our protests, and those of the students we allied with that day. Television, radio and print media all covered our demonstrations, spreading the word that opposition to the Iraq war continues.

Our protest led to the arrests of 16 people, and on Monday, 7 of us are going to court to fight the charges against us.

We need your support. Our jury trial began Monday, with jury selection and some other fancy lawyer stuff… our arguments and testimony will begin Tuesday morning. Please come to show the prosecutor, judge and jury that the war in Iraq is the real crime, and our community supports those who take a stand against it. Be visible – wear an AWC or other anti-war shirt.

Thank you for your solidarity. We will post updates as they become available.