WHERE: Northeast Library, 2200 Central Ave NE, Mpls

Stop Israel’s War Crimes Against Palestinians in Gaza
Bring your children, or signs about and pictures of what children in Gaza are facing.

National Day of Actions in Honor of Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
Stand in solidarity with Palestinian families

Approximately 1070 Palestinians have been killed since the Israeli
attacks on Gaza began 21 days ago, with over 4,900 injured. More than
335 of the dead are children, 93 are women, and 49% of the injured are
women or children. (Statistics from UN and Ministry of Health in Gaza)

On January 19th, people across the United States will celebrate the
life, legacy, and birthday of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. In
one speech, Dr. King called the U.S. government and military the
“greatest purveyor of violence in the world today.” This is still true
today, as the U.S. government continues its unequivocal support of the
Israeli military’s criminal bombardment and massacre of Palestinians in
the Gaza Strip.

Do justice to Dr. King’s memory, and the memories of others like him,
by demanding an end to Israel’s war on the Palestinian people.

  • Stop the Killing of the Palestinian People!
  • Stop the War and Siege on Gaza!
  • End All U.S. Aid to Israel!
  • End the Israeli Occupation of Palestine!

Sponsored by Coalition for Palestinian Rights, WAMM, Anti-War Committee, and Al Aqsa Institute. For information: 612-437-0222.