Keep 'em Home, Bring 'em Home! Protest Against Sending an Additional 1000 MN National Guard Troops to Iraq

Rally & Protest

Thursday, February 12th @ 4:30 pm @ the Governor’s Mansion (1006 Summit Ave. St. Paul)

One thousand members of the MN National Guard will start deploying to Iraq In February. This deployment occurs even as there are plans for the US military to start drawing down the number of US troops in Iraq. These National Guard deployments prolong an unpopular war and occupation, cost millions of dollars and cause great hardships to the families involved. The people of MN, the people of the US and the people of Iraq want an end to the US war and occupation, not an endless continuation of US military involvement. Join us to demand no more MN troops going to Iraq and bring the MN troops already in Iraq home! Organized by the Anti-War Committee, Iraq Veterans Against the War, Twin Cities Peace Campaign, & Veterans for Peace. For more information call 612 522 1861.