Gaza: The Real Story – Teach In

Tuesday February 24 @ 7 p.m. @ Humphrey Institute West Bank U of M Room #50

Ayah Helmy (Al-Madinah U of M), Josina Manu Maltzman (Int. Jewish
Anti-Zionist Network-TC), & Omar Tesdell

Gaza lies in ruins with 1500 Palestinians dead and 4000 injured
after the brutal Israeli bombing campaign. The 3 year blockade
continues with inadequate amounts of food, fuel, medicines, etc. being
allowed in. How could this happen? What will it take to end the
persecution of Gazans? What does the truce mean? What is the role of
the international community? What does the rightward shift in the
Israeli govt mean? What forces are involved in the growing U.S.
movement for justice for Palestine? Let’s talk! Sponsored by:
Coalition for Palestinian Rights, Al-Madinah and SDS at the U of MN.
For info call WAMM: 612-827-5364