Demand a People's Bailout! Protest on Tax Day

Wednesday, April 15th @ noon @ State Capitol, St. Paul

Protest on Tax Day for a People’s Bailout. The economy is in crisis. The state of Minnesota has a budget deficit. We say NO to balancing the state budget on the backs of poor and working people…again. The wealthy have enjoyed years of tax breaks. But, they ran this economy into the ground, causing suffering all around. It’s time for them to pay.

The People’s Bailout Bill (SF-542/HF-626) goes part way to undoing the harm that this economy has done to us. Call your legislator and say, “Pass the People’s Bailout Bill. It’s time to tax the rich.”

The People’s Bailout Bill calls for:

  • Jobs or income now
  • Moratorium on home foreclosures and evictions of renters from foreclosed buildings.
  • No Layoffs – save jobs
  • No Attacks on Immigrants
  • No one in Minnesota should be cold or hungry.
  • Protect public education. No tuition hikes.

Organized by the Coalition for a People’s Bailout (612.822.8020, Endorsed by the Anti-War Committee.