Protest 6 Years of War on Iraq

Dear Supporters,

March 19th marks the 6th anniversary of the war against Iraq, and the Obama administration is still committed to keeping most of the troops and private contractors in Iraq this year, and 50,000 troops and tens of thousands of private contractors there for years to come after the final “combat troop” pull-out in December 2010.

At the same time, the government is sending thousands of additional troops into Afghanistan to escalate that occupation and war.

The Anti-War Committee strongly encourages you to support the rally and march on Saturday, March 21, which is calling for an end to the wars and occupations of both Iraq and Afghanistan, and, instead, placing emphasis on human needs – jobs, education, housing, veterans’ benefits and health care.

Let the administration know where you stand by participating in this important rally and march. Obama has said he wants to hear our voices. Let us join together to say NO to sending more troops and demand that our troops come home now!

The Anti-War Committee