Planning Meeting to Stop Recruiters & Stop the War

Saturday, March 28 @ 1pm @ conference room 102A, 1313 5th St. SE, Minneapolis

Get involved with the actions that other groups are planning for April 23rd, or if you’re planning something, come and coordinate with them. 

Info about Zero Recruitment Day:

President Obama has failed to keep his promise of ending the war in Iraq.  His plan to keep 50,000 troops in Iraq through 2011 will continue an unjustified military occupation for almost 3 more years.  An escalation is planned for Afghanistan, where Obama just deployed 17,000 additional troops.  Maintaining these wars and occupations requires military recruiters to entice young people with false promises.  Recruiters, who already disproportionately target low income people, will use the economic crisis to intensify pressure on vulnerable youth.  We have to shatter the illusion that the war is ending and that new soldiers won’t have to fight.

On April 23, 2009, different actions, using a diversity of tactics, will occur simultaneously at recruiting centers across Minnesota. All will have the shared goal of opposing the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and preventing military recruiting that day. Join us, to help make this day a success.

Join a picket:  Various groups will stand in front of different stations that day. Check here to find one of these actions, and join us!

Organize an action:  Work with your friends, or a group at your school, your church or in your neighborhood. “Adopt” a recruiting center and plan an action there. Contact us to coordinate, and we’ll list your plans on this site.

Call in day:  If you can’t take the day off, use your break to call a recruiter. Check here soon for a listing of numbers, and suggested talking points. If they’re talking to you, they’re not recruiting someone else!
Initiated by the Anti-War Committee