Proud to Shout: US OUT!

When the Gay Liberation Front was founded in 1969 in the aftermath of
the Stonewall Riots, it was just as important to fight against the war
in Vietnam, as it was to fight for the gay rights. In what The Advocate
called “one of the largest concentrations of gay power ever assembled,”
thousands of queers took part in antiwar protests in Washington, D.C.
and San Francisco in April 1971.

The U.S. military is not a force of liberation for any LGBT community.
It is the only public employer in the U.S. that is legally allowed to
discriminate, and gay-bashing is a required course in boot camp. Sadly,
plenty of queers, most of them working class and people of color, end
up in the military, lured by phony promises of job training or college
tuition money.

The U.S. military carries out crimes against civilians everyday. From
bombing civilian villages in Afghanistan, to prisoner abuses at Abu
Graib, U.S. soldiers are not welcome. Want to support our sisters and
brothers who have joined the military? BRING THEM HOME NOW!

It’s time for the our community to return to our radical roots: Come out against war! Peace isn’t just for straight people.

We’re here. We’re queer. Get used to it!

The Anti-War Committee will have a big presence at the Twin Cities GLBT Pride Festival. Below, you can click to download the literature we were passing out at our table. If you want to join us… jump into our parade section on Sunday, or stop by our table for a visit, or to volunteer some time. We are in booth # 4030, on the Willow Street side of Loring Park, in the middle. We hope to see you there.