7/23: Protest Bannering: Stop the Surge in Afghanistan

5:30pm @ “Mayday Plaza,” 301 Cedar Ave S, Mpls.

war in Afghanistan is intensifying. Obama has doubled the size
of the U.S. occupation
force, sending 20,000 combat troops to Afghanistan. More than 68,000 U.S. troops will be fighting in Afghanistan by the end of 2009, and are expected to stay for 3-5 years.

the number of American troops increases, more civilians die. In April, 2009 the
United Nations reported that civilian casualties in Afghanistan jumped by 40% last year
as violence soared to its worst levels since 2001. U.S. troops were responsible for at
least 40% of the 2,100 civilian deaths reported.
escalation of the war is forcing people from their homes and making it
difficult for aid workers to reach them. Commanders warn that the surge in troop deployments will likely increase
deaths of U.S. soldiers.

Obama’s escalation will make the situation worse, for the
American troops and the people of Afghanistan.
The U.S. should not spend billions to
occupy another nation while we struggle to meet basic human needs here at
home. It’s time to end the war against
the people of Afghanistan.

Organized by the Anti-War Committee.