9/3: Endless war in Iraq & Afghanistan and those who Refuse to Fight with Dar Jamail

WHERE: Wiley Hall  Room 125, U of M West Bank Campus, Minneapolis

In late 2003, weary of the overall failure of the US media to accurately
report on the realities of the war in Iraq for the Iraqi people and US
soldiers, Dahr Jamail went to the Middle East to report on the war
himself. Since then, he has become world renowned for documenting the human cost
of the Iraq war. Dahr has spent a total of nine months in occupied Iraq as one of only a
few independent US journalists in the country. Dahr has also has
reported from Syria, Lebanon and Jordan. He has also reported
extensively on veterans’ resistance against the war. He uses the
DahrJamailIraq.com website and his popular mailing list to disseminate
his dispatches.

Sponsors include: Twin Cities Peace Campaign-Focus on Iraq, Anti-War Committee, Youth Against War and Racism, U of M Students for a Democratic Society, Iraq Peace Action Committee, Iraq Veterans Against the War, and Veterans for Peace…