10/24: PROTEST to say U.S. HANDS OFF HONDURAS! No Support to the Coup!

LOCATION: Lake St & Hiawatha Ave, Minneapolis

The people of Honduras have bravely and massively resisted the June 28 military coup that removed President Manuel Zelaya. They have carried out huge protests and strikes. The military has responded with brutal repression including tear gas, clubs, and gunfire. They have arrested many people, killed many people, and closed down all independent news media.

The U.S. has continued funding the Honduran government, and has criticized President Zelaya as irresponsible for trying to return to Honduras to resume his rightful place as president, while they have not condemned the repression. Groups of U.S. legislators have traveled to Honduras in support of a phony “election” set for November 29. All supporters of human rights should demand a change in this policy, in the name of solidarity with the Honduran people.

Stop the Repression! Restore Political Rights! Close the School of the Americas!