Include the AWC in your charitable contributions – donate today!

With 130,000 US troops still occupying Iraq, this month marks the 8 year anniversary of the war on Afghanistan. The current US troop surge in Afghanistan escalates the conflict and raises the body count, leading more Americans questioning the war and occupation. Now is a critical time to be in the streets challenging US foreign policy, and we need your support. Whether it’s a one-time donation, or as an on-going sustainer making contributions throughout the coming year, we ask you to include local anti-war organizing in your charitable giving.

Making a contribution is easy – choose the method that fits your needs. For recurring contributions, payroll deduction, bank account or credit card debit; for one-time donations, use the web or mail.

Payroll deduction

This time of year, many workplaces sponsor charitable giving campaigns. This allows you to have one-time or recurring donations deducted directly from your paycheck and supports the community efforts of your employer.

At this time we are not on the standard list of participating organizations. Simply write-in “Anti-War Committee Education Fund, 1313 5th St SE, Minneapolis, MN 55414” as the designated agency and address.

For those of you who work at the University of Minnesota, go to the U of MN on-line form and click “View all agencies,” then scroll down to find the write-in area. If your employer requires a charitable federation, we can receive your donation through “Community Shares of Minnesota”, and again, write-in our name and address.

We gladly receive donations from anonymous donors, but please choose to be an acknowledged donor, so we can thank you, and keep you informed of our future activities.

Bank account or credit card deductions

If you prefer to have donations taken directly from your bank account or charged to a debit or credit card, we can set that up for you directly. Simply download the Authorization Form, sign it, and send it to us at 1313 5th St SE, Minneapolis, MN 55414. These “sustainer” donations are the best way to allow us to focus on anti-war organizing rather than fundraising.

One-time gifts on our website or by mail

Of course, every little bit helps. If you prefer to donate on-line via Paypal click here or you can mail a check to us at 1313 5th St SE, Minneapolis, MN 55414. If you need your donation to be tax deductible, please make your checks out to “Anti-War Committee Education Fund” or include a note about this with your on-line donation.

Thank you for your financial support. It is essential to continuing our work. Even more important are your contributions of time. Please plan to attend the events and volunteer if and when you can.

– from your friends at the Anti-War Committee