12/5: Emergency Response to Escalation of the U.S. War in Afghanistan

Saturday, December  5th @ 1:00 PM?Place Hiawatha & Lake Street in South Minneapolis

This will be the date for the demonstration if Obama announces an escalation of troops this week.

Twin Cities antiwar groups will respond to an escalation in the war against Afghanistan by staging a protest on the first Saturday after the announcement. The protest will take place at 1:00 p.m. at Hiawatha and Lake Streets in south Minneapolis.??The Obama Administration has spent months reviewing strategy in the U.S. war against Afghanistan. Reports in the news media claim that soon Obama will announce plans to send tens of thousands additional U.S. troops to escalate the war.??According to news reports, three options are under consideration. These include:??• Gen. Stanley A. McChrystal’s request for roughly another 40,000 troops;?• Deploying about 30,000 more troops;?• Deploying between 20,000 and 25,000 more troops.??The U.S. war and occupation of Afghanistan has nothing to do with fighting terrorism or for human rights. The war has always been about the U.S. control of the emerging markets in Asia and the Middle East, especially oil and gas resources.??Activists in the Twin Cities and other cities across the U.S. plan to make opposition to any escalation of the war visible by taking to the streets.   ??All are encouraged to come out to the first Saturday protest to have a visible anti-war presence along the sidewalks of one of the most heavily trafficked streets in Minneapolis.??  Sponsor: Iraq Peace Action Coalition  Endorsed by the Anti-War Committee