12/19: Elections in Honduras: Is the Coup Over?

Saturday, December 19th from 1-3p.m. @ May Day bookstore, 301 Cedar Ave, Minneapolis
U.S. Hands Off Honduras will host a panel and discussion on the current situation of the resistance against the coup d’etat in Honduras. As Manuel Zelaya, president elect, had yet to be re?instated at the time of the recent presidential elections, the resistance movement in Honduras does not recognize Porfirio “Pepe” Lobo as president and is calling for international support. Hundreds demonstrated against the elections and refused to vote despite military and police repression and negative economic consequences. Come hear about the continued resistance of the Honduran people against the military coup of their president and the continued U.S. de facto support of the coup regime. Organized by the U.S. Hands off Honduras Coalition. Endorsed by the Anti-War Committee. For more info visit http://hondurasfreedom.blogspot.or call 612?702?5637.