Grahame Russell, Canadian and U.S. Director of Rights Action 
Mon, January 11 @ 7pm @ Waite House, 2529 13th Avenue South, Minneapolis 

Grahame Russell led a human rights delegation to Honduras that was present during the November 29 elections. He will speak about the undemocratic nature of the elections and the increasing repression and killings that have followed. A majority of Latin American countries, are refusing to recognize the outcome of the elections. However, the United States government is claiming that they were held legitimately, even though they took place under a government that had been formed by an illegal coup d’etat, and while the elected president, Manuel Zelaya, continued to take refuge in the Brazilian embassy.  As the news from Honduras disappears from the mainstream media, the resistance, which continues to call for a new constituent assembly, has been forced to go underground, as increasing numbers of its members are receiving death threats. Organized by the Hands off Honduras Coalition (which the AWC is a part of) FFI:  
hondurasfreedom.blogspot.comhandsoffhonduras@gmail.com, 651 983-3981