Protest the Wars in Iraq & Afghanistan on the 7th Anniversary of the War on Iraq

  • Funds for education, housing, health care & human needs, not wars & occupations
  • Foreclose the war, not people’s homes
  • Out of Afghanistan & Iraq: Bring the Troops Home Now

Saturday, March 20, 2010

1:00 PM Gather: May Day Plaza 3rd Street & Cedar Ave. West Bank, Minneapolis. March to closing rally at Bedlam Theatre for closing program. Bedlam program to include music by Guante, Sleeper & the Sleepless, Fresh Squeeze, 2013 & more.

The gathering site is on the West Bank and is served by Metro Transit Hiawatha Light Rail Line Cedar/ Riverside Station (directly behind Bedlam Theatre), and bus routes 22, 2, 3, 16, 7 & 50. There are also many private and U of M paid parking lots and ramps nearby.


Map of the starting point of the March 20 protest (Mayday Plaza, 3rd Street & Cedar Ave. Mpls):

Google map for Bedlam Theatre, site of the closing indoor program:

Videos for the March 20th protest on the WAMM Building the Momentum You Tube site:

Website wit information on the N-avi-Avatars plan to join the March 20 protest:

For information on the Youth & Student feeder march:

March 2010 will mark seven years since the start of the U.S. war and occupation of Iraq.

On Saturday, March 20 anti-war protests will be held in cities across the U.S. to mark the seventh anniversary of the start of the war in Iraq with a call for an end to the wars and occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan and for funds to be used for housing, education and human needs.

The U.S. is escalating the war in Afghanistan, as seen by the dispatch of over 30000 additional troops and the recent attack on Marjah, Afghanistan. News reports indicate that the U.S. is planning further assaults on Afghan cities and towns in the months ahead. There is also open discussion of keeping thousands of U.S. troops in Iraq indefinitely.

These wars and occupations cost billions upon billions of dollars while millions go without healthcare, schools and colleges face budget cuts and millions are losing their homes to foreclosure and evictions.

Interested in marshalling? Come to May Day Books 301 Cedar Ave @ 12:15 to help with security for the demonstration.

March 20 protest endorsed by: Anti-War Committee; Burnsville & Eagan Peace Vigils; Coalition for Palestinian Rights; Freedom Road Socialist Organization; Hands off Venezuela; Iraq Peace Action Coalition; Iraq Veterans Against the War; Mayday Books; Merriam Park Neighbors for Peace; Military Families Speak Out; MN Cuba Committee; Sacred Heart Peace & Justice Committee; Sisters of the Good Shepherd (St. Paul); Socialist Alternative; Students for a Democratic Society (U of M); Twin Cities IWW; Twin Cities Peace Campaign; Veterans for Peace; Women Against Military Madness; Workers International League; Youth Against War & Racism.

For more information: 612 827-5364 or 612 522-1861