Reportback on yesterdays protest "Let Marjah Live!"

Hey gang,

Good demo! The emergency response rally, called by IPAC yesterday in response to U.S. forces attacking Marjah (a city with 80,000 civilian residents), went really well! There was a good turn out and good weather (thats big for demos in Feb!)

70-80 demonstrators held banners and signs to heavy traffic in front of Amy Klobuchar’s office on Washington ave. (note: good location for this) Traffic showed good natured support, as speakers called for an end to the war and to immediately stop this attack which will result in devastating civilian casualties.

The demo was short and sweet, wrapping up pretty much with the sunset, but we had a highly visable presence and a few good chanters to keep our message in the streets! I was having some trouble coming up with chants that fit the mouthful “Afghanistan” into some kind of beat, and I sort of accidentally wrote this poem:

Afghanistan, Afghanistan

more lies about the Taliban

Obama’s on TV again

oh, Afghanistan.


Quick- what rhymes with civilian population?

Complete and total devastation

(Oh, Afghanistan)

What’s a pipeline doing running right through the middle of our foreign policy?

Don’t know? (really?) well, just ask any Afghan citizen

(Oh, Afghanistan, Afghanistan)

They’re selling war at every convience store and all the prices just went up again.

Oh, Afghanistan


all humor aside, my heart goes out to those families in Marjah. Thanks everybody who made it out to the protest.
Now we build for March 20th!