Protest at Rep. McCollum's office – No funding for the war on Afghanistan!

No Funding for Escalation of the War in Afghanistan
Say No to U.S. Attack on Kandahar
Out of Afghanistan – Bring the Troops Home Now!

Join an anti-war protest at Representative McCollum’s office to say no to the war and the escalation.  Congress will soon vote on a $33 billion supplemental funding bill for the U.S. war in Afghanistan. The funds will be used to carryout the escalation of the war, including an attack this summer on the Afghan city of Kandahar. Fourth District Congressional Representative Betty McCollum has made clear she intends to support this additional $33 billion for the war.  The war in Afghanistan will not make the world safer, the escalation can only lead to more horrendous loss of life.

Sponsored by: Anti-War Committee; Merriam Park Neighbors for Peace; Twin Cities Peace Campaign; Women Against Military Madness. For more information 612 522-1861 or 612 827-5364