Freedom for Colombia Political Prisoners

The U.S. has spent almost 6 billion dollars since 2001 on Plan Colombia.  Plan Colombia funds war and misery because our tax dollars are spent by the right wing Colombian government on death squads which target all forms of resistance – including trade union activists.  Colombia has horrible distinction of being the most dangerous place in the world to be a trade unionist and the worst human rights record in the Americas!

The FARC-EP, the largest revolutionary group in Colombia, is fighting for the liberation of their country.  They want Colombia’s resources to be in the hands of the people –not U.S. corporations or the elite of Colombia.  Come hear from activists who know the struggle in Colombia and hear about their revolution.

Lili Obando is an activist with FENSUAGRO (the national union of peasants/campesinos), and is under house arrest and on trial for her political opposition to the US’ free trade and military policies in Colombia.  Come hear more about her case.

Ricardo Palmera is a negotiator for the FARC-EP.  He was kidnapped by the US in Ecuador in 2004 and U.S. courts tried him FOUR times in order to get the guilty verdict they wanted.  Now he is being tortured in the Colorado Super Max Prison.  Come hear how you can demand an end to his torture.

Organized by Freedom Road Socialist Organization