May Day Celebration 2010

So tonight was Freedom Road Socialist Organization’s annual celebration of international workers rights day and damn do we put on a good show! I heard some amazing and powerful speeches from some of FRSOs brightest (and loudest) brothers and sisters and can I just say-wow! There was so much energy in the room you could hear it crackle. I was so inspired to go out and make the revolution happen!

All out for the march and rally tomorrow May 1st!!!!

I got to speak for the committee and although I felt I stumbled through the speech part a little bit, I got to do one of my poems and it was very well recieved. But then, it was a good fit with the audience. So, here it is. It’s called

A Beautiful World

I have lived my life in fear and found no solace there. I learned that even with your head in the sand your other end is left blowing defenselessly in the wind. I have also learned since not to go marching into darkness just to prove you’re not afraid of things you should be. I’m on guard with good reasons these days (knowing the worth of my own dead weight) and I must balance my values of freedom and dignity on a regular basis, Minneapolis: war-front that I love.

I’ve learned the importance of community, having support systems in place to watch our own backs and back alleyways. And the 1st use for society is survival. Skills shared openly and resources for everyone not owned, sold or traded. Or at least I imagine it could be like this. I’ve learned the power of our dreams and local politics.
And I have learned to be patient, and when not to wait around for permission to change because change is inevitable and the only question is direction, and yes, I am here today with an agenda. I wanna set it right and see what happens. I want to get it right, and give it some room. A little sunlight and attention to bask in, to bloom.

See what becomes of creation when you give peace a chance. A plot of land in a shared space under my care can flourish. We are so rich when we work together and for everyone. We are so rich when we work together and for everyone that it bares repeating. I go on, believing this and then making it come true. And I’ve seen it work and so have you.

And isn’t it a more beautiful world when we do?

Ok, Happy May Day Everybody!