Solidarity with the Honduran People! – One Year After the Coup – The Resistance Continues

Bannering: 4:00pm at Loring Park (Oak Grove & Hennepin)

Food: 7:00pm

Program featuring Videos: 7:30 pm

The people of Honduras are continuing their resistance to the brutal regime of Pepe Lobo, who was installed after an illegitimate election, which was held by the coup government.  The Honduran resistance continues to hold huge marches every month, and campesinos continue to reclaim land seized from them by large landowners.  They are doing this in the face of ongoing assassinations of activists, journalists, and campesinos by death squads.  These are happening every week, along with militarization of rural areas like the Aguan area. Meanwhile the U.S. government and others are giving support to the Honduran government.

Sponsored by Hands Off Honduras Coalition – 612-702-5637,