Demonstration Opposing Israeli Attack on Free Gaza Flotilla

On Sunday May 30th, Israeli Navy special forces attacked with live ammunition the Free Gaza Flotilla in international waters killing numerous humanitarian aid workers and peace activists, and wounding many more. The flotilla which sailed from Ireland was bringing desperately needed food, medicine and building supplies to the people of Gaza.

For the past 5 years Gazans have been living under a brutal Israeli siege and blockade which has resulted in intolerable and escalating rates of malnourishment, unemployment and homelessness. The vicious Israeli bombing and military assault on Gaza in December 2008 – January, 2009 killed over 1400 people, mostly civilians, and destroyed the civilian infrastructure. A report by the United Nations Human Rights Commission found that Israel deliberately attacked the civilian population and infrastructure, and committed war crimes and possible crimes against humanity.

Israel has now committed a brazen military attack on defenseless civilians in international waters.

Israel’s criminal actions cannot be permitted to continue. The United States directly supports Israeli atrocities with billions of dollars of military and economic aid every year. All of our Senators and Congressional representatives have supported this aid. This must stop. We call for an immediate end to U.S. ties to Israel. Specifically as people in Minnesota, we call for an end to Minnesota economic ties and financial support of Israel’s atrocities.

Sponsored by; Coalition for Palestinian Rights (CPR), Women Against Military Madness (WAMM), AntiWar Committee (AWC), International Jewish anti-Zionist Network – TC (IJAN-TC), MN Break the Bonds (MN BBC), Teachers Against Occupation (TAO)