Performance of Victoria Reincarnated – Proceeds support the legal defense of 3 Grandmothers for Peace members who were arrested at Zero Recruitment Day last year

Polly Mann cordially invites you to enjoy a staged reading of her original drama “ Victoria Reincarnated” featuring Sara Olson as Victoria Woodhull, BethAnne Nelson as Victoria’s sister, Tennesee, Susu Jeffrey as Victoria’s mother, Roxanna, and directed by Ed Felien.
Donation: cash or check (payable to “Polly Mann”) in the amount that appeals to you to offset legal expenses incurred by Three Appealing Women (Sarah Martin, Sue Ann Martinson, & Lucia Wilkes Smith). Questions? 612-871-2229 or

If you cannot attend the event, your donation (check payable to “Polly Mann” for Victoria) may be mailed to Polly Mann, 1425 W. 28th St., Minneapolis, MN 55408, to help defray costs incurred by the Three Appealing Women for the trial transcript, court filing fees, attorney’s office charges, & various related costs. Thank you.

Victoria Woodhull (1838-1929) was audacious. She ran for the office of U.S. President five times before women in the had the right to vote. She believed women were included in the terms “people” and “citizens” referenced in the 14th and 15th Amendments!  The Three Appealing Women currently have a criminal conviction pending before the Minnesota Court of Appeals. Sarah, Sue Ann & Lucia attempted to enlist in the U.S. Army with other women of a certain age, the Grandmas’ Peace Brigade, on April 24, 2009, because “What Would Grandma Do? Go to and Send the Kids Back!” The three were tried and convicted of Trespass in Hennepin County District Court in September 2009. During the trial they were not allowed to present testimony regarding motive or intent, and the presiding judge gave the jury unusually narrow instructions related to the Trespass law. Each of the three women was fined $400 and sentenced to 8 days (stayed) in jail and 2 days of work on a Sentence-To-Serve county work crew. Should the conviction be overturned, precedent would be set that could affect defendant rights into the future.  With very special thanks to the Appealing Pro Bono Legal Advisors, Bob Kolstad and John Kvinge.