Activists prepare for emergency protests against subpoenas to grand jury

Anti-war organizers targeted by FBI facing grand jury witch hunt

November 10, 2010

Minneapolis, MN – Activists gathered atActivists Prepare for Suponeas to be Reactivated May Day Bookstore, Nov. 9, to make signs for the emergency protest that is planned for the day after anti-war and international solidarity activists are called to appear in front of a Chicago-based grand jury. Organizers say that if news of the call to appear is received on Friday, the protest will take place at 4:30, Monday, in front of the Minneapolis Federal Building.

On Sept. 24 the homes and an office of anti-war and international solidarity activists in Minneapolis and Chicago were raided by the FBI. Activists in Michigan, Minnesota and Illinois received subpoenas to appear in front of the grand jury. All of them submitted legal documents invoking their Fifth Amendment rights and did not appear before the Grand Jury. Reports indicate the subpoenas for three Twin Cites activists will be reactivated.

Tom Burke of the Committee to Stop FBI Repression urges everyone who is working for peace and justice to organize protests the workday after the anti-war activists get the word to appear in front of the grand jury