November 16: Give to the Max to Stop Repression Against the Anti-War Movement!

We need your support to stop FBI and grand jury repression against the anti-war movement.

November 16 is Give to the Max Day — a great opportunity to give money to causes you support in Minnesota. On November 16 please visit: to contribute to the campaign to stop FBI repression!

You would think it’s not a crime to be against war. But in a harrowing development, the FBI and a federal grand jury are harassing and threatening anti-war activists here in Minnesota and around the country. On September 24, the FBI raided seven homes and the Anti-War Committee office. The FBI also handed subpoenas to testify before a federal grand jury to fourteen activists in Illinois, Minnesota, and Michigan. You can see profiles of the people affected at

The activists affected are involved in the Anti-War Committee and many other progressive groups. They have done nothing wrong, and they are taking a principled position standing up against the FBI witch hunt. Now they face the prospect of jail time if they refuse to be part of the grand jury fishing expedition.

We see the raids and subpoenas as an attack on anti-war and other progressive movements. It is an attack on our freedom to speak, our freedom to assemble with like-minded people, and our freedom to tell the government that their actions and policies are wrong. It is an attempt to clear the way for more wars and occupations of other countries by the U.S. military

Standing up against this will likely be a long process. And the cost will be high — both for legal defense and for the work of educating the public about what’s happening.

The grand jury, and all repression against the anti-war movement have to stop. We need your help to stop it. November 16 is a great opportunity to support efforts to stop the repression against the anti-war movement. On November 16, please go to to contribute to the campaign to stop FBI repression!

To find out more and get involved in the campaign, see and