Take Action: Don't Spy on Us!

Why are they spying on you? Find out on Dec. 21, when you, your organization and others from the Twin Cities can collectively fill out Freedom of Information Act papers to be sent the FBI.

When you get into the building, follow the signs.

Show solidarity for the groups and individuals targeted by FBI repression – we know it won’t stop with these 19 subpoenas – any one of us could be a target. Join with us to show that freedom of speech, freedom of association, and fighting for justice are not illegal. Demand a halt to the Grand Jury proceedings!

On Dec. 21, we will provide the “material support” (a form letter) so you can start the process to find out what info the FBI and 16+ other government security agencies are collecting on you and your group. You can participate as an individual or as an organization.

If you know that your organization wants to participate on Dec. 21, please contact the MN Committee to Stop FBI Repression at (612) 379-3585, or email MNStopFBI@Gmail.com.

NATIONAL ACTION: In January, 2011, there will be a similar action to this one, on a national scale. So please start spreading the word to other people and groups locally and around the country to get ready for when we announce the date!