Despite FBI Raids, Peace Activists Defiant and Determined

By Bill Sorem © The Uptake 2011

Minneapolis, MN, Jan 11, 2011

Plymouth Congregational Church hosts a panel discussion on FBI abuses following the September 24, 2010 raid on Minneapolis peace activists. Panelist Meredith Aby’s home was raided and panelist Sarah Martin has been issued a new subpoena for the Chicago Grand Jury. They are vocal and defiant in their commitment to stand up for their rights and not cower before Patrick Fitzgerald, Chicago US Attorney.

Support has come from many quarters. Bruce Nestor, Minneapolis civil rights attorney and member of the National Lawyers Guild recounted experiences with the material support issue. Jack Nelson-Pallmeyer, Assistant Professor, University of St. Thomas expressed concern for “mixed tactics” of some groups, that is approving both violent and non-violent actions. He identified FARC, a revolutionary Armed Force in Columbia as a non-productive recipient of peace groups support. This position was disputed by some attendees.

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