Local Emergency Rally in Support of the Egyptian People

Friday, February 4th from 2- 5pm @ State Capitol, St. Paul, MN

Dear President Obama and Secretary Clinton,
The Mubarak regime thugs continue to attack the peaceful Egyptian demonstrators with live bullets, fired now using automatic weapons from building tops, and Molotov cocktails. We urge you to more forcefully support the democratic aspirations of the Egyptian people. The U.S. Government has tremendous leverage over the Mubarak regime and even more leverage over the Egyptian Military establishment. In effect, the US taxpayer pays much of the salaries of the Egyptian Military.

At this time the Egyptian Military is not attacking the demonstrators; however, the military is not neutral, because they are allowing the Mubarak regime thugs to attack the demonstrators without intervening. U.S. taxpayer money should not be used to quash peaceful pro-democracy demonstrators. We urge you to use your leverage now to send a clear message to the Egyptian Military establishment to support and protect the Egyptian people and their revolution for democratic change and human dignity, and to stop supporting the Mubarak regime.

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