Rally at Senator Klobuchar's Office for Bradley Manning

4:45pm (inside her office – demand a meeting), 5-6pm rally (outside)

Ask your Senators and Congresspersons to support Representative Dennis Kucinich’s request to visit Bradley Manning who is reportedly being abused at Quantico Marine Brig!

On January 24th, we requested a meeting with Senator Klobuchar (and/or her staff) to discuss Bradley Manning’s detention conditions. We have received no response since that time. We are going back to her office again to demand that she speak with concerned residents of MN about this issue.

Join us on Monday, March 7 to demand a meeting insider her office at 4:45pm and stick around for an outdoor rally from 5-6pm to continue to raise awareness on Bradley Manning’s case.

Note: The delivery of new wikileaks docs & another request for a meeting will start at 4:45pm (sharp!). If you can’t make it that early, the rally will be outside from 5-6pm with signs, info and DVDs to pass out

Sign the petition to free Bradley Manning at: http://www.standwithbrad.org/