Movie | Is 8 Years Enough?

AM950 will be featuring the film, No End In Sight. The first film of its kind to chronicle the reasons behind Iraq’s descent into guerilla war, warlord rule, criminality and anarchy, NO END IN SIGHT is a jaw-dropping, insider’s tale of wholesale incompetence, recklessness and venality. NO END IN SIGHT dissects the people, issues and facts behind the Bush Administration’s decisions and their consequences on the ground to provide a powerful look into how arrogance and ignorance turned a military victory into a seemingly endless and deepening nightmare of a war.  A discussion will be held after the movie with Iraq Peace Action Coalition, sponsors of Spring Actions to Bring the Troops Home Now on Saturday, March 19th.

Tickets will be for sale at the door and will be selling for $5.00 each. Cash sales only. Free parking is available.

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