Latino & Immigrant Voices on Repression and Solidarity

Join us for a panel of Latino and immigrant leaders speaking out about FBI & grand jury repression against anti-war and international solidarity activists.

The speakers will make connections between the current case of repression against 23 anti-war activists (see for more info) and the many kinds of repression faced by the Latino community—the repression against Latino political movements like the Chicano movement in the 1960s and the Puerto Rican nationalist movement, as well as the criminalization and targeting of millions of Latino immigrant workers.

We’ll explore how these things are connected and what we can do to build a movement to stop the criminalization of dissent and the criminalization of our communities.


  • ANH PHAM: Anti-war and immigrant rights activist, among those whose homes were raided September 24, 2011 & received subpoena to a grand jury for her anti-war & international solidarity activism.
  • MANUEL BARRERA: Professor, Metro State University
  • FRANCISCO SEGOVIA: Immigrant rights activist, community organizer
  • Additional speakers may be added.

Sponsored by Committee to Stop FBI Repression and Students United
Info: 612-379-3585 |