May 1st – 4:00 pm – March in St. Paul, MN for International Workers Day

Sunday, May 1: International Workers Day

March in St. Paul
4:00 pm Gather at the Cathedral
then we’ll march toward the Capitol

1ro de Mayo: Dia Internacional del Trabajo
Marcha en San Pablo
Inicia frente a la Catedral a las 4:00 pm
Marcha hacia el Capitolio

Volante rojo (para imprimir en color)

Volante blanco (para imprimir blanco y negro)

Flyer – White Background (for black & white copies)

Flyer – Red Background (for color copies)



Organized by MIRAc

MIRAc is the Minnesota Immigrant Rights Action Committee. It is an organization that organizes the immigrant community and their allies to try to win legalization for all and equality in all aspects of life. We struggle for legalization, for a moratorium on raids and deportations, and for drivers licenses for all regardless of immigration status. MIRAc was formed in Spring 2006 out of the huge immigrant rights marches. We’ve organized many protests, marches and other activities for immigrant rights in Minnesota since then.