Tax the Rich Protest | Stop Republicans’ Gutting of Poor and Working Minnesotans!

At tax time, join others at the State Capitol to tell politicians TAX the RICH! Make the RICH PAY and STOP All Attacks on Working and Poor Minnesotans!

Over the past years of budget deficits, the wealthiest Minnesotans have not paid even one dime out of their gold-lined pockets. Meanwhile working and poor Minnesotans have been forced to pay with our lives, our health, our schools, our jobs, and our blood.

The Republicans are taking their message of hate and loathing of working and poor people to new lows! They are trying to gut the last few benefits that exist for those of us who do not belong to the wealthy class. They are forcing workers, poor people and people with illness or disability to pay for the entire deficit.

The Republicans refuse to raise taxes on those with the ability to pay, and in fact would decrease the rich’s taxes if they could! If the wealthiest in Minnesota paid their share of taxes, and paid back all the wealth they gained through tax breaks and loopholes over the past decade, there would be no deficit in Minnesota — now or for the foreseeable future.  The choice is clear: TAX the RICH, or make the rest of us pay.

Organized by the Welfare Rights Committee and MN Coalition for a People’s Bailout.  Endorsed by the AWC.  FFI:  612-822-8020