Been to Palestine Lately? The FBI Might Come Knocking at Your Door


9:30 a.m. refreshments, 10 a.m. Program & Discussion

Sarah Smith (Chicago) and Sarah Martin will talk about why they wanted to go to Palestine, their experiences, what our government doesn’t want the public to know, an update on their case, and how their lives have changed after being targeted by the FBI.

As a Jewish student, Sarah Smith became involved in an interfaith Palestine Solidarity group. Last summer she went to Israel and the Occupied West Bank with some friends. In December, all were subpoenaed by the FBI to appear before a grand jury about their delegation.

Sarah Martin a retired nurse and great-grandmother, is a member of WAMM’s Middle East Committee and former co-chair of WAMM’s Board. Sarah attempted to travel to Palestine in 2009 but was arrested at Ben Gurion Airport, thrown in an Israeli jail, and deported back to the U.S. (Sarah later learned that one of her fellow travelers was an FBI informant). In September, Sarah was subpoenaed to appear before a grand jury and was later re-subpoenaed by the FBI.

Sponsored by Middle East Peace Now and The Middle East Committee of WAMM.