Lake Street Bridge Vigil Focus: U.S./NATO military intervention in Libya


Wednesday, April 27 from 5-6 PM @ Lake Street/Marshall Avenue Peace Bridge spanning the Mississipi River between Lake Street in Minneapolis and Marshall Avenue in St. Paul.

Banner and vigil to end the U.S./NATO military intervention in Libya.  Make no mistake about it.  This is not for humanitarian reasons. It is for Libya’s oil and its strategic location in the Middle East and North Africa which has been rocked with popular uprisings.   It is urgent to demonstrate against this costly and deadly intervention which is escalating.   English and French troops will soon enter Libya.   The call by Obama, Sarkozy and Cameron for regime change moves far beyond the ill conceived  “no fly zone” resolution passed by the U.N. and can only lead to more death and destruction for the Libyan people.  Hands Off Libya! End the Bombing! Troops Out Now!

Endorsed by the Twin Cities Peace Campaign, the Anti-War Committee and WAMM.