Take Action | Get Out of Afghanistan Protest

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  • Get Out of Afghanistan
  • Bring the Troops Home Now!
  • 5 Wars Too Many: End U.S. wars & interventions on Afghanistan, Pakistan, Libya, Yemen, & Iraq!
  • How is the war economy working for you?
  • People need jobs and housing, not war!

In July, the Obama Administration is supposed to announce plans to start withdrawing U.S. troops from Afghanistan. By all accounts, Obama is not planning a real withdrawal, but will keep the war in Afghanistan going, and  may be planing on keeping U.S. troops there until 2017. Be part of an anti-war demonstration July 7 to say: “The Time to Leave is Now!”

Initiated by: Minnesota Peace Action Coalition

Endorsed by: Anti-War Committee, Military Families Speak Out, Students for a Democratic Society (U of M), Twin Cities Peace Campaign, Veterans for Peace, Women Against Military Madness, and others.

For more information, 612-522-1861 or 612-827-5364