Protest: Stop the Bombing of Libya! Funds for Jobs, Housing & Human Needs, Not War!

Monday, June 27th @ 4:30 PM @ Mayday Plaza, Cedar Ave. & 3rd Street, West Bank, Minneapolis

Be part of a visible anti-war presence with signs and banners – Say NO the U.S./NATO war on Libya. Demonstrations to protest the continued US/NATO bombing of Libya will be held in cities across the U.S. on Monday, June 27.

There have now been over 10,000 air sorties carried out by NATO against Libya. In mid-June NATO launched 157 bombing attacks on Tripoli on a single day.  It is clear that the US/NATO goal in Libya has nothing to do with protecting civilians.  The US/NATO war on Libya is increasingly understood as part of an effort of the Western powers to contain and rollback the Arab Revolution.

Endorsed by: Anti-War Committee, Emergency Committee to Stop U.S./NATO War on Libya, Students for a Democratic Society (U of M), Twin Cities Peace Campaign, Women Against Military Madness.  For more information: 612 827-5364 or 612 522-1861