Eyewitness Libya: Cynthia McKinney Speaks Out Against the US/NATO Bombings of Tripoli

Saturday, July 9th @ 7pm @ Plymouth Congressional Church, Jackman Room, 1900 Nicollet (Franklin & Nicollet), Minneapolis (NEW LOCATION)

By a margin of 2-to-1, people in the United States oppose the war in Libya, and there is growing Congressional opposition. The U.S. and NATO are raining bombs and missiles on downtown Tripoli and are refusing any effort by the Libyan government to negotiate a resolution to their civil war. The U.S. and NATO are using the civil war as an excuse to carry out regime change in Libya.  They want to install a puppet government and then control the largest oil reserves in Africa.


  • Cynthia McKinney has been an important anti-war voice and will bring to the Twin Cities a first hand account of the real impact of the war on the Libyan people.  McKinney is a former member of Congress and in 2008 she ran for president.
  • Sara Flounders is the co-director of the International Action Center in New York.  Sara has written extensively on the war in Libya and other issues of U.S. intervention.

Co-sponsored by the Anti-War Committee, WAMM and the Minnesota Peace Action Coalition.