"Up Against The Wall" | Photo Exhibit & Installation by K. Flo Razowsky


Opening reception: Friday August 12, 7-11pm

See below for the entire month of events.

It’s about the look of borders come manifest and the effects on the people and the land when the arbitrary line in the sand takes form.

And it’s about creating the intersections to bring it all home.

Up Against The Wall allows us to explore structures we create in this world to separate ourselves from each other, using the US/Mexico border, Israel’s wall in Palestine, and the structures used to cut off Spanish Melilla from Morocco as focus.

It tells a story of indigenous peoples made refugees on their own land.

It tells a story of these people and the structures that alienate them from their dreams.

And it tells the story of our own culpability in this globalized world.

Schedule of Up Against The Wall Events:

  • Fri August 12, 7-11pm, Opening
  • Mon August 15, 5.30-8pm, Avenue’s GLBT Host Home, www.avenuesforyouth.org
  • Mon August 22, 5.30-8pm, MN Break the Bonds Campaign, http://mn.breakthebonds.org/
  • Thu August 25, 5.30-8pm, Kulture Klub Art Garden
  • Sat August 27, 11am-1pm, Mizna, http://www.mizna.org/
  • Mon August 29, 5.30-8pm, Oyate Nipi Kte, http://waziyatawin.net/
  • Thu Sept 1, 5.30-8pm, Trans Youth Support Network, http://www.transyouthsupportnetwork.org/
  • Sat Sept 3, 11am-1pm, RARE Productions, http://rareproductionsmpls.com/
  • Thu Sept 8, 5.30-8pm, Twin Cities Anti Sexual Violence Workers
  • Sat Sept 10, 5.30-8pm, International Jewish anti-Zionist Network, Twin Cities, http://www.ijsn.net/C89/
  • Mon Sept 12, 5.30-8pm, 2 Spirit First Nations Collective
  • Thu Sept 15, 5.30-8pm, Chicano Studies & The Borderlands
  • Sat Sept 17, 2-5pm – Closing Reception

Artist Bio:

Twin Cities Jewish resident Flo Razowsky combines art and community organizing through documentary photography, writing and activism. Razowsky has spent more then 22 months living in the West Bank and Gaza Strip splitting time between documenting life on the ground through photography and writing and participating in Palestinian organized non-violent resistance to Israel’s occupation.

Flo is a co-founder of MN Break the Bonds and a Twin Cities member of and national organizer for The International Jewish anti-Zionist Network.

Razowsky’s writings and photography has been published in the Minneapolis Star Tribune, Pulse of the Twin Cities, Day Break magazine, Palestine News Network, the Dominion and the Electronic Intifada along with one previous solo exhibit and numerous collaborative shows.

Razowsky also wrote and directed Café Intifada, an Intellectual Salon, which played to sold out audiences in the Twin Cities.

For artist’s statement and more information: http://upagainstthewall2011.wordpress.com/

To contact Flo: flowalksfree@gmail.com