Howard Zinn: You can't be Neutral on a Moving Train > 9/11 MOVIE SHOWING!

10 years later, the US government continues to use the events of September 11, 2001, as an excuse to wage endless wars around the world, and repression here at home. We’ll mark the date by watching an inspiring film about Howard Zinn.

The legendary Howard Zinn passed away on January 27, 2010, and this program sheds light on the extraordinary life of this champion of civil rights and the antiwar movement. Zinn was a man who took many paths in life. A shipyard worker. A playwright. A rabble rouser. A historian. His radical alternative to the official textbooks, A People’s History of the United States, tells America’s story through the voices of factory workers, immigrants, women, African Americans, and the poor. In the 60s, he began inspiring a generation to seek peace and justice, and 40 years later, Zinn’s legacy remains a catalyst for change.