URGENT | Update from Occupy – urgent request for supporters

Last night, the Anti-War Committee joined a rally at Occupy Minneapolis, to support the occupiers demand for shelter. Some 400 people rallied with us, including Union leaders, and elected officials from City Hall and the MN House of Representatives. It was a great rally, and in the midst of it, we set up dozens of tents, posted protest signs on them, including one for the Anti-War Committee. After a few hours, we went to sleep… Just after 4am, county security stormed into the Plaza and began dragging people out and tearing down our tents. All the tents, as well as many sleeping bags and blankets were taken, but no one was arrested.

After a brief meeting, most of the group decided to reconvene across the street at City Hall, where we set up a few more tents. At 9am, Minneapolis Police came in to tear down the tents, brutally arresting at least two protesters. Shortly after that, County security informed occupiers that they intend to clear the Plaza of any remaining Occupy stuff – tables, blankets, food, etc.

We need community support to defend the Occupy movement!

1. URGENT: Go to the Plaza to ensure that no more property is seized.

2. CALL: County commissioners to demand accountability for last night’s attack on the Occupied tents! They should immediately return all the seized property, and protect the rights of occupiers to continue an around-the-clock presence on the Plaza, including the right to shelter.

3. CALL: Mayor Rybak to demand accountability for this morning’s attack on the occupiers at City Hall.  He should ensure that City property is a protected space for protest and dissent, and call for the release of the protesters arrested with the occupied tents this morning.