Stop the Witch Hunt of the Somali Community!




Saturday, December 3, 2:30pm @ Walker Library, 2880 Hennepin Ave., Minneapolis 

  • Defend the Right to Give Humanitarian Aid!
  • Speak Out in Support of the Somali Community!

Last month Amina Ali and Hawo Hassan were unjustly convicted of “material support to terrorism,” after they collected relief donations for a country that is suffering a severe famine and war. All supporters of human rights should unite and protest this outrageous persecution of the Somali community. The FBI has been harassing and interrogating Somalis in Minneapolis for years now with allegations of support for terrorism. This is an attack on the democratic rights of everyone in the U.S.

  • No U.S. or Foreign Intervention!  
  • Self-Determination for Somalia!   

Acting on behalf of the U.S., 12,000 African Union (AU) foreign and Kenyan troops are intervening in Somalia, denying Somalis the right to self-determination. More foreign troops are being sent, and the Kenyan and Somali governments have called for “big countries and big organizations” to send troops. The U.S. continues to carry out bombing attacks, and to try to impose governments, and dictate policy. This is foreign domination. Supporters of the Somali people should call for an end to all foreign military intervention in Somalia.

Sponsored by Committee to Stop FBI Repression and Minnesota Peace Action Coalition.