No War On Iran | National Day of Action February 4, 2012


  • NO Intervention
  • NO Sanctions
  • NO Assassinations
  • NO covert war
  • NO New Wars: HANDS OFF Iran and Syria

There is a growing danger of yet another U.S. war; this time on Iran. There is already a covert war on Iran underway, including assassinations of Iranian scientists and escalating economic sanctions. This is all accompanied by growing talk of Iranian “nuclear weapons,” and concern for “human rights” in Iran.

The history of Iraq shows that when the U.S. government starts talking about “nuclear weapons,” “weapons of mass destruction,” and “human rights,” the bombs and cruise missiles may start to fly at any time. February 4, 2012 will be a national day of local anti-war actions to say “No War on Iran!”

Indoor public forum will follow protest

Twin Cities event initiated by: Minnesota Peace Action Coalition. Initial endorsements: Anti-War Committee, Military Families Speak Out, Twin Cities Peace Campaign, Students for a Democratic Society (U of M), Women Against Military Madness and others.