Stop FBI Repression Benefit Album & Concert

Stop FBI Repression Benefit CONCERT

Saturday February 18th @ 400 Bar
400 Cedar Avenue South, Minneapolis
doors: 7pm | show: 8pm | 18+ / $5 Guante
  • DJ Shannon Blowtorch
  • James Houck
  • Housepet
  • The Running Riot
  • Dead Skull
  • Misty Rowan

Stop FBI Repression Album

The Stop FBI Repression album is a fundraiser compilation for the Committee to Stop FBI Repression (CSFR), a national organization that came together in response to the FBI raids on seven homes and an anti-war office on September 24th, 2010. During and following those raids subpoenas to testify before a federal grand jury were handed to a total of 23 activists in Illinois, Minnesota, and Michigan.

The raids and subpoenas are an attack on anti-war and other progressive movements, our freedom to speak, our freedom to assemble with like-minded people, and our freedom to tell the government that their actions and policies are wrong.
Across the country organizations and individuals are standing together to protest the United States government’s attempt to silence and criminalize anti-war and international solidarity activists.

All proceeds from the album will be used to continue to build the fightback against FBI repression and to contribute towards the legal defense fund for those targeted in the September 24th FBI raids.

listen & download it on:
  • Jen Waller feat. Jerome Jordan and the Heavens Bros
  • Guante & Big Cats
  • Housepet
  • Cameron McGill & What Army
  • Amanda Zimmerman
  • Koba
  • James Houck
  • Bauer Effekt
  • The Cold Joy
  • Misty Rowan