Media Roundup from G8Chicago = Shut Down

Group of protestors celebrate news of summit relocation G8 summit moved from Chicago to Camp David
WGN News Chicago
Groups who planned protests for the G8 summit reacted quickly and said the move is a victory in their favor. But don’t expect fewer protestors in May, they say, because the NATO summit is just as big of a target to stage their demonstrations.”,0,3566494.story
G8 summit moved from Chicago to Camp David
ABC News Chicago
“The Occupy Chicago movement has drawn hundreds of supporters for numerous marches and protests since last summer. The group has taken the lead with other protesters in organizing plans for the G8 and NATO summits. But with the G8 now being held at Camp David, they say they plan to go ahead with their plans. ‘We’re going to make sure we’re in the streets in such numbers with such volume that they will hear us all the way in Camp David.'”

Protesters Say March Will Go On at NATO Summit
FOX News Chicago
“Regardless of the real reason for moving the G8, and regardless of the spin that the White House or the Mayor’s office may be putting on this decision, protesters here firmly believe what was planned for the streets here – during those three days in May – played a significant role in moving a major international summit out of Chicago.”

Protesters: G8 Venue Change Means Nothing
NBC News Chicago
“‘It’s a major victory for those of us who are planning these protests,’ said Joe Iosbaker with the United National Antiwar Committee in Chicago. ‘The administration is taking G8 someplace where they won’t have to face the people who suffer under their policies.'”

VIDEO: Protesters declare victory after G-8 is moved
Occupy Chicago, others elated and still plan city marches 
Chicago Tribune
In St. Louis, the Occupy movement is getting ready for a Midwestern conference next week at which protesting the Chicago summits is a major agenda item. ‘I put this in the win column,” said Zach Chasnoff, a spokesman for Occupy St. Louis.'”,0,3534385.story

All of a sudden, losing G-8 is winning
Emanuel declares victory, but so does Occupy
Chicago Tribune
And with the White House talking about tolerance while pushing class warfare, the last thing the president needs is images of protesters clashing with Chicago police, with the Occupy movement camped in squalid Obamavilles in the parks.”,0,4087289.column

G8 protest organizers declare victory party–but not many attend
Chicago Tribune
“Rachael Perrota, part of the Occupy Chicago Press Committee, led the gathering in a new version of the movement’s signature call-and-recall ‘mic check’ chants. ‘It doesn’t matter/where they hide/we will be in the streets/of Chicago/in such numbers/ they will hear us at Camp David,’ she said.”,0,108716.story

Protesters declare victory, but say: ‘Our protests will go forward’ 
Chicago Sun Times
“’Our protest will go forward because NATO is the military arm of the G-8. NATO has bombed whole countries to smithereens and is currently engaged in the U.S.’s longest war in history,’ said Andy Thayer, a spokesman for the Coalition Against NATO/G-8.

White House relocates G-8 summit to Camp David
“Various groups are expected to hold protests in Chicago.  One group, Occupy Chicago, tweeted ‘#NATO will still be here. And so will we. We are Occupy.  We are the people. #ExpectUs.’”